The ABMN team

The Administration

Blaise Barrette – President, webmaster

Filmmaker, Webmaster, experienced diver

Blaise is the designer of all our Web applications and our "cameraman" who produced the video clips that are on the species sheets, provided many photos and written in many forms. He also has worked on various scientific missions to record onsite species.

Téléphone : 418 737-4628

Luc Gagnon - Administrateur

Photographer, experienced diver.

Luc is our official photographer, who provided most of the images used on the identification sheet.

Téléphone : 418 562-0936

Sandra Daoust – Secretary-Treasurer

Passionate diver

Sandra is the editor of most of the id sheets found on our Website, and also is Blaise’ dive buddy.

Téléphone : 418 737-4628

Main collaborators

François Hazel

Marine Biologist

As part of his work and during his 25 years of experience in various department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada (Science, Ocean Management, Fish Habitat Protection), François has dived all around Quebec marine coasts and has worked with diverse communities (fishermen, divers) and community organization.

Jeffrey Gallant


Greenland Shark and Elasmobranch Education and Research Group (GEERG). Director – Atlantic Region

Jeffrey works closely with the ABMN, on expeditions, for species identification, adding photos, etc.

Laurent Fey


Données d’observations pour la reconnaissance et l’identification de la faune et de la flore subaquatique (DORIS).

Doris coordinator, North West Atlantic region (Quebec, Canada) and CMAS monitor.

Laurent takes care of the liaison between DORIS and ABMN.

Claude Nozères

Marine taxonomist

Claude is one of the authors of the Guide to Identification of marine fish in the estuary and northern Gulf of St. Lawrence. He also designed numerous posters to aid in the identification of fish and invertebrates (available in our links' page).

Michèle Bérubé

Born in Gaspesie, she has grown up near the sea and dreams returning there.  Former journalist, she is now working as a special education teacher.  As she loves immersing herself in a text seeking french literal errors, no wonder she is soon to become a diver !

Pierre Lavigne

NAUI Diving monitor, Aquafutur

Writer for a great number of freshwater identification sheets, Pierre regularly teaches a freshwater diver specialist ecology and environment course.

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