Jean-Michel Cousteau

CousteauWhen I was barely a teenager off the coast of Monaco, diving with one of the earliest SCUBA prototypes co-invented by my father, Jacques Cousteau and his friend Emile Gagnan, the Mediterranean was full of giant groupers and swirling schools of fish. I never questioned that it would always be that way. But these fish are now gone. There are plans and hopes to bring them back, but one message was clear--divers are at the threshold of change under water and what we find can be invaluable as an early warning system. It is rare that an activity we love can also make a profound contribution and to engage divers in fish counts is one of those rare occurrences. The experience of diving is enhanced and these divers make a contribution to the undersea world we love as stewards for monitoring its health. I hope the Réseau de Suivi de la Biodiversité Aquatique and its members continue their work and realize the value of their contribution to us all.

- Jean-Michel Cousteau

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